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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Ish.

I read an article in the Saturday Times Magazine (might have been Sunday) a few weeks ago, which had recipes for homemade versions of popular chocolate bars. This reminded me that my friend had suggested I try and make a Tunnocks Tea Cake. I have a great recipe for this '7 minute frosting' which is not so much like frosting, but a lot like marshmallow fluff. Then what to use as the biscuit base? I love that weird squishy biscuit in the middle of a tea cake so found a biscuit recipe that was supposed to turn out a little soft. So I started to make the biscuits. And then it went all tits over arse. 

Problem 1 - even after I'd chilled the dough for 1 hour, it was stupidly sticky and totally un-rollable. So I had to make it in to little cookie shapes instead.

Problem 2 - started to make the marshmallow fluff. 1/4 of the way through the time, the electric whisk breaks completely. Had to whisk the rest up by hand, ripping through the skin on my finger in the process.

Problem 3 - when trying to dip the biscuit base and marshmallow into the chocolate, this happened:

Fail. The marshmallow wasn't really stiff enough to support the chocolate. So, to plan B. I dipped the biscuits in chocolate and then just piped little dollops of fluff on top. Not quite a tea cake, but delicious nonetheless.

Now I need a new electric mixer. Crap.

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