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Saturday, 30 April 2011

I Can't Make Brownies

I always seem to fail at brownies. I've made them countless times and they never come out how I want them to. Always edible, never quite right. Like the time I made Nigella's brownies. TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE. Made me feel sick. Most other recipes always seem to end up either too cakey or too gooey in the middle with the edge ones hard as a rock. So I thought that this time I'll try an American recipe. I used the recipe from a Hershey's cookbook that I picked up from the flagship store in New York. 
 I put some Hershey's chocolate chips (which you can now buy from Asda!) and salted peanuts in them. Sweet, chocolatey and salty. They tasted like how I imagine that cake from Matilda tastes.
They were fudgey in the middle but the ones near the edge of the pan had this odd crust. Rock hard, but only a couple millimetres thick. Weird.

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  1. I also have constant trouble making brownies (they always turn out better from a box...), but these look seriously good, and anything that references the chocolate cake from Matilda earns several thousand bonus points in my book. ALSO, PAUL SENT ME HERE, HI LOIS, HI PAUL :)